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Facts About Forklifts You Never Even Knew

Facts About Forklifts You Never Even Knew

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Have you ever seen a forklift at work? It is one of the most commonly used and the most useful industrial vehicles in our time. Forklifts are used all over the world and for one purpose: to transport heavy goods over short distances with minimal effort. While they may not be the incredibly amazing machines we expect them to be, their simplicity and innovation allows large businesses to save a ton of money every year because of the amount of work they are capable of doing. There are many facts about forklifts that you probably didn’t know, or didn’t think were truths. Some of them are listed here:
They aren’t that accident proneThis is a common misconception. However, as many safety consultants in Gold Coast can tell you, they really aren’t the cause of as many accidents as you may think. Of course, because of their application their operators are required to pass rigorous safety training and licensing exams. In practical use, when used properly, they rarely cause any major accidents. In fact, they are responsible for about 1% of accidents in a warehousing operation. On the other hand, forklift drivers can cause at least 10% of all injuries in a warehouse if they aren’t careful about how they handle these machines.
The forklift jobThieves have a history of innovating just as much as people working on the right side of the law do. In fact, some of them even found a way to use a forklift illegally. While many safety consultants in Brisbane concur that this really isn’t the best way to go about a robbery, there was a group of thieves in the US who stole a forklift and proceeded to ram the tines directly into an ATM machine on the street. They then made off with the machine in its entirety, which is no small feat considering it weighs about 2000lbs.
Before the forklift, there was the tructractor. It was the ancestor to the modern forklift, and it was created in the year 1917. Definitely one of the clunkiest machines ever created, it did its job until the real forklifts came along and took over. World War 2 was a major influence in the invention of the true forklift, mainly because of the use of wooden pallets for storage in the years leading up to the war. The need for less manpower in the warehouses during the war also contributed to the advent of the forklift in modern industry.