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How To Look Beautiful And Attractive (Girls)

How To Look Beautiful And Attractive (Girls)

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“Every girls dream is to find a boy? NO!!!!!!!!!! Every girls dream is to eat without getting fat. “
This is something I saw on Facebook. However this made me think like, is this true, do girls need a boy to survive. Then I realize, no. we, all the girls have different dreams in our lives. If someone thinks that a girl is doing everything, like studies, wearing makeup and wearing attractively is to find a good partner, I say, no, it’s not. We may need a boy one day, but trust me, it’s not why we are doing all those things. We like to be beautiful because it’s our nature. And what is wrong in being beautiful? What is wrong wearing attractively? So, girls, this article is to motivate you. Here are some tips to make you look beautiful and more attractive.

Spend at least five minutes for your skin in the morning and night
Wash your face in the morning and before going to bed. Don’t just wash your face because you need to wash your face. Do it with care. Your face can reveal about your hygiene. When you wash your face, use an appropriate face wash. And remember, there are so many brands when it comes to the cosmetic field. So look for a good face wash which have high votes. Moreover, try to moisturize your skin in the day and the night time. When you moisturize, pay special attention to under eyes, around your mouth and in the outer edges of your eyes, also check this Design Degree in Hong Kong.

Be wise when you choose cloths.
Be aware of your body shape and skin color. When you choose cloths, try fit on and check whether they match you. We have seen some girls who are wearing cloths which don’t match them. When you choose cloths, be aware about color combinations. If you are not satisfied with clothes in the market, you can create your own clothes. For this, well, you need a train. There are top fashion schools where you can have the education about costumes.

It may take few years to finish the course but these top fashion schools will teach you everything you need to know about creating your own costume.

Shower every day
This will look you fresh throughout the day. If you can keep this a as a routine, you can have a perfect day. This will make you look good, smell good and make you prettier. However, don’t shampoo in every time you wash your hair. This can damage your scalp. Anyhow, a shower in the morning will make your entire day perfect.

After having shower, clean your nails and ears. No matter how many times you deny it, clean nails will reflect your character. The way you have cut your nails will reveal the world how much neat you are and you will look pleasant when you have clean nails.